Setting moon dial

People sometimes ask us how does the moon phase actually work? This because there is no manual in English. So we have translated in English for you how it actually works.

The numbers on the moon phase 5, 10, etc until 29,5 resemble the number of moondays. You can adjust the moon phase by using your finger and push the moon phase to the right. Every 'tooth' of the moonphase that shifts is one 'moon day'. The number 29,5 is the new moon and number 15 is the full moon. In between lays the first quarter and last quarter.

To set it right, you set number 29,5 under the little pointer of the moon dial. On a calendar one counts the number of days from the new moon until the day when one put the clock to work and uses its finger for each day per 'tooth'.

It can happen that you want to adjust the moon phase, but that the moon phase jams. This is normal. What you have to do is, forward the pointers a couple of 'hours' until the moon phase will be 'released'. During forwarding the pointers, let the clock chime every half an hour.

And not to forget, calendar days are not the same as moon days!