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Swedish Clocks

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Sweden, a Scandinavian country, has a rich history of clock making. Swedish clocks are not only in the past a popular item, but even today. Swedish clocks became popular around the 1700s. Although in Europe there are also countries famous because of their clocks, like France, Germany and the Netherlands, Swedish clocks always had that unique touch. When you read about antique Swedish clocks you often read that Swedish clocks are made in the Gustavian style. 

King Gustav III of Sweden, he was inspired by the French Neoclassical Style. The Gustavian style uses often pastel colours. It is not a coincidence that many Swedish clocks do have those beautiful pastel colours. But the Swedish clocks in Gustavian style includes also clocks which are decorative and painted in a golden colour. This was inspired by the French roccoco style. These clocks are made in a way that they are real eye-catchers. 

As to their other European counterparts, Sweden produced many clock companies. The company Mora, which made the typical pastel coloured longcase clocks, are very iconic Swedish clocks. They were made during the 18th and 19th century in Mora, which was a town in the province of Dalarna, Sweden. Another famous brand, Westerstrand URFABRIK AB made mostly the gold gilded Swedish clocks. This company founded in 1906 made during the 1960s many beautiful gold gilded clocks. Although during the 1960s German clock companies were becoming dominant in the clock business, Westerstrand made sure that Swedish clocks still played its part. Therefore when you think of Swedish clocks you will think of a Westerstrand clock. 

Like Swedish design, Swedish clocks are these days very popular. One reason is because antique Swedish clocks still fit into todays modern interior. Mora clocks fit for example really well in the modern interior which often has bright colours. The Westerstrand Swedish clocks are real eye-catchers in a living room. Not only because of their gold gilded paint which looks luxurious, but also they offer many different type of designs. So please take a look at our Swedish clocks. 


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