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Antique Coffee Grinders

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The real coffee lovers among us, know how important it is to have a coffee grinder. And if you are looking for an unique one in your kitchen, an antique coffee grinder is a great choice. The first coffee grinders were developed in the Middle-East. Later on, in the 17th century England developed coffee grinders which laid the basis for todays antique coffee grinders. By the 18th century, the coffee grinder was an item which could be found in every kitchen. 

Luckily it is still possible to choose among many antique coffee grinders. Each brand has its own unique history and unique design. Therefore, people started to collect antique coffee grinders. Especially Europe produced many different kind of coffee grinders. When England developed the first coffee grinders, the French responded with their variation produced by the famous brand Peugeot. They made numerous beautiful colourful coffee grinders and if you are looking today for several antique coffee grinders you will notice that their design is timeless. 

The antique coffee grinders of Peugeot are not the only ones that are unique. The famous Pede company made a lot of interesting wall coffee grinders. Antique coffee grinders made by PeDe used a lot of colours, patterns and maybe the most famous one is the Delft coffee grinder. So if you are looking for antique coffee grinder with a certain pattern or colour, then antique coffee grinders of PeDe offer the best options. As we have mentioned two important brands among the European antique coffee grinders, then we have to mention another one namely Zassenhaus. Antique coffee grinders made by this German company, didn’t produce colourful coffee grinders like his competitors, but because of their own style they did had a great impact on the design of the coffee grinders of those days. If you are looking for an antique coffee grinders, which can grind your coffee in the morning, please take a look. 


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