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Antique Bread Box

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Humans started baking bread at least 30.000 years ago. When we think of an antique bread box, we don’t think about one of ancient Egypt, but people quickly found out that they needed an invention to keep their bread fresh for longer. When you want to buy an antique bread box the oldest you can find are museum pieces and are bread boxes made in the 1800s. Generally speaking almost all antique bread boxes are from the 1900s. And probably an antique bread box you can still find today is from the period between 1930 and 1960s. The US, UK, Germany and Netherlands made many bread boxes which influenced a lot the design of todays bread boxes. Many companies used in those days for their bread boxes materials like metal, wood and enamel to keep your bread fresh for longer. 

So, if you want to find an antique bread box in a certain design there are many options on the market. However, an antique bread box which is still very popular today is made in the Netherlands. As a neighbour of Germany you will see that the antique bread boxes of both countries have a lot of similarities. However, the Dutch produced bread boxes in many different colours, which fit your interior. From red to mint green, you name it, you will probably find an antique bread box in your favorite colour. Furthermore, often you will see that an antique bread box is made of enamel. Enamel has several advantages. It is easy to clean and an antique bread box made of enamel will keep your bread fresh longer than a wooden bread box. So if you are looking for a special bread box for your kitchen, maybe an antique bread is something for you. It keeps your bread fresh and will your kitchen an eye-catcher.


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